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  • Unlimited e-commerce creation and customization
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Speed improvement
  • Average cart increase
  • Testing and scaling of marketing campaigns
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Here is what your e-commerce must have to sell more

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We made a vademecum that allows you to analyze independently your e-commerce through a series of questions and verify that the necessary elements are present for Do not miss turnover and get the most out of every single visitor.

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a slow site sells less

We maximize the speed of your store

According to a study reported by Cloudfare , a well-known American internet security company, the speed of a site drastically affects the conversion rate.

The main consequences of poor site speed:

  • Less sales for the same number of visits
  • Increase in advertising costs
  • Worsening of SEO

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It is not true!

We realize
the e-commerce of your dreams

We create the user experience and new features within your theme, satisfying every stylistic need.

All changes, made in liquid, will be manageable independently in the Shopify deti theme editor.

Unlike apps , these changes are aligned with your needs and don't compromise the speed of the site or the proper functioning of other elements.

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We only implement winning changes thanks to A / B testing

To make sure we're only making improvements , we leverage statistics through A / B testing and multivariate testing .

These techniques consist in showing the original version of the store to a part of the visitors while the rest will see the modified versions.

By observing the data, we will be able to statistically determine which changes positively affect KPIs such as conversion rate and average cart .


A / B tests carried out on e-commerce

+254% EPV

Best increase obtained

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We create applications personalized

We have created Hoculus Analytics , our proprietary management software integrated with Shopify , with a business intelligence & KPI dashboard for e-commerce. It also allows you to manage orders, shipments, tracking, warehouse and accounting in real time.

We can do the same for you too.

In addition, we also develop public apps. We currently have released Hoculus Store Locator which is on the Shopify app store. Click on the button below or go to the "contact us" page to see it in action

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It's NOT over here ...

Get the most out of our e-commerce experience

E-commerce creation

We create your e-commerce on the Shopify platform allowing you to get a store with style , performance and management like the largest online realities .

Marketing and Content

We create data-driven campaigns and content . We take care of marketing automation and influencer management.

Logistics and Customer Service

We stock products and fulfill orders, supporting companies in customer management.


Discover all the development , marketing and logistics services for e-commerce

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Tra gli innumerevoli interventi eseguiti sull'e-commerce del cliente Lelang Skin Care all'interno del piano di potenziamento Store Shopify, figura la realizzazione di una nuova...

Velasca - Paespeed and CWV improvement

Il punteggio di velocità e i parametri definiti Core Web Vitals da Google impattano direttamente sull'esperienza utente e indirettamente sul SEO e costi pubblicitari.

Sommelier Wine Box - Configurator

This configurator, created during a long-term development collaboration on store Shopify existing, Is certainly among the examples of more extreme customization made in hoculus....

Beautie Milano

Beautie Milan is one of the 2 brands 100% Made in Hoculus e Made in Italy. In this case, all aspects are curated by our internal team. Website E-commerce, made as usual on Shopi...

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Il "Super Bundle", made for The Bottega della Sorana  in a long -term development context on existing Shopify store, you earn a place among the must have of each e-commerce. The...