Frequent questions


Frequent questions

Depending on the plan you select, you will have an e-commerce specialist and an experienced Shopify developer who will put their skills at your disposal to optimize and customize your website. To find out more go to the service page.

Yes, our marketing experience is very broad and ranges from e-commerce, lead generation to influencer marketing. We have spent millions of dollars on ads for our brands and those of customers on platforms such as Facebook ads, Google ads and TikTok ads. Find out more here.

Send us your stocks, we will organize them in our warehouses. After that we will integrate your e-commerce to our management system and, for each order arrived, you will not have to do anything: we will take care of preparing the package, delivering it to the courier and processing the order on Shopify automatically. Find out more here .

Absolutely yes, we have a network of designers, videomakers and photographers who will be able to create content for your advertising campaigns and your social channels. We will select the most suitable figure for your needs. Find out more here .

No, we are able to leverage our expertise in all areas of online development and marketing. Contact us to request more information.

No, we manage the relationships between brands and influencers by exploiting our network of contacts and accumulated experience. We act as intermediaries to guarantee professionalism to both parties. Find out more here .

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