[Study case] +254% in average user revenue with one A/B Test only

Increase sales without spending more is possible and, sometimes, it is enough too One A/B Test To find the right element that will do splashing the turnover of your stars e-commerce.

For those who do not know what is an A/B Test and how it works, we tried to explain it to the best in this article.

This is the case of the test conducted on https://biastore.it which aimed the comparison between two different types of trolley:

  • Original: Static trolley with redirect on the dedicated page
  • drawerCart: Sliding trolley, from the right, available in all pages

To perform the test we used as always Google Optimize To collect data from ours Integration "server" owner;This allows us to set the test and choose the variant in the initial phase of loading the page, giving us full freedom on the changes to be tested and without impacting the performance.

The test was performed on a sample of 17,129 website users, which were divided into two groups of almost equal size.

The first group (8,588 users) used the original version of the cart, while the second (8,541 users) used the version of the slider trolley.

The data collected during the test, which lasted 19 days, provided an unequivocal resuit: The slider cart (drawerCart) made € 2991.79 of sales In spite of the original version that stopped only in 844,34€.

Risultati A/B test biastore.it

Risultati a/b test carrello biastore


From the data it is therefore clear that the turnover, for the same visitors, has undergone a 254% increase thanks to the use of the sliding trolley;improvement that will therefore be reflected on all marketing campaigns and traffic sources in general.

Not only that, this type of trolley lends itself very well to further customizations aimed atIncrease in the average trolley that we are going to make and test soon.


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