Because we choose Shopify for e-commerce

To start selling online there are multiple platforms that allow you to create an e-commerce in a short time without technical , computer or programming skills. You can create pages, add products and customize some aspects of the checkout and thank you page.
Beyond that though, there are a number of management features that make most platforms difficult to use and unprofessional to scale your online store, especially open source ones. Making a mistake in the long run can damage a business: that's why we choose Shopify .

Shopify is a hosted solution (their servers host millions of e-commerce sites, ensuring continuous security and functionality updates) that allows anyone to create and customize their e-commerce by following clear and in-depth documentation , leveraging thousands of Apps that make life easier for beginners.

With Shopify hosting and servers, even with thousands of orders in minutes, the site will never go down .
Customizing e-commerce with specific features becomes almost zero risk, unlike open source platforms which, very often, as the complexity of the functions increases, tend to highlight bugs unknown to the community. In these cases, to find a solution, you have to rely on expert programmers with a considerable cost for the company.

Shopify also allows omnichannel : you can also sell products on Ebay, Amazon and Facebook with a few clicks.

Another advantage of this platform is the ability to integrate and manage all marketing tools in a simple and intuitive way: from the Google catalog to Facebook ads, from coupons to SEO. Shopify sets up automatically and also allows you to customize all emails , such as abandoned cart and order fulfillment .

To manage your business, of any size, you also have a series of features that simplify the management of payments , shipments , orders and much more.

Shopify provides all the tools to correctly manage data and follow all the guidelines of the GDPR . If you need support, there is always a chat with an operator who can solve problems related to the website.

To conclude, Shopify is perfect for businesses of all sizes : thanks to its simplicity , it favors those who want to create an e-commerce independently at reduced costs and, at the same time, it is solid and scalable for multi-million dollar stores that need guarantees of uptime, performance and personalization.


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