Shopify's new translation app that will revolutionize your e-commerce

Anyone who has a Shopify store knows very well how painful it can be to have to prepare your store for international sales.

Currencies, shipping methods, payment methods ... are some of the difficulties to be faced in order to clear customs in a new market.

First of all, however, is the language; from translations of the theme, sections, apps, to checkout, translating e-commerce has always been a long, frustrating process, and often resulted in even mediocre results.

For this reason, we too have developed applications and technical solutions over time in order to better cope with the problem and not have to fall back on some malfunctioning and expensive app.

Today all this can become history.

Those who know us know very well how much we try to avoid using apps (for various reasons) but in some cases we turn a blind eye.

Shopify Translate & Adapt

We had early access to the translations app from the official Shopify Translate & Adapt team and it impressed us a lot!

Shopify early access app

We had previously collaborated with the Shopify team regarding the GraphQl Admin API for translations.

As soon as we opened the app, we realized how effective it can be in managing the site's languages.

In its simplicity, the app allows you to translate all aspects of the store (except third-party apps) through simple and intuitive graphics with rich-text editor.

shopify translate & adapt appshopify localize & translate app
Shopify translate & adapt app

We can summarize its strengths as follows:

  • Free
  • Simplicity
  • Compatibility with Shopify Markets
  • Integrated native language management
  • Support Automatic Translation
  • 2 automatic languages included for free
  • Completeness of translation

Overall, we feel like this is going to be the killer translation app. Obviously it will take some time for the Shopify team to give the app its final shape, but if this is the start we are very confident!

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