Bottega della Sorana - Super Bundle

Il "Super Bundle", made for The Bottega della Sorana  in a long -term development context on existing Shopify store, you earn a place among the must have of each e-commerce.

The aim of personalization is to offer a discount on the purchase of certain blocks in bulk and therefore increase the average amount of orders And, possibly, the conversion rate.

The Custom section was created in order to respect the global style of the site in which it is located and, at the same time, to guarantee an 'High customizability by the customer.

Hoculus - Super Bundle


Thanks to the work of our programmers, the customer can in fact manage in complete autonomy, through the editor of the themes, the following aspects of the section:

  • title of the bundle
  • description
  • Evidence text (message, text color, background color)
  • Text of the button
  • Discount to be applied (name, type and amount)
  • Product list (max. 50)

Hoculus - Super Bundle - Settings