[CASE STUDY] +128% on daily turnover thanks to the theme update

If we told you that in just under two months it is possible to increase the average daily turnover by as much as 128% and the conversion rate by 92% , would you believe us?

This is what happened to one of our clients operating in the beauty sector only by updating the theme through the code without losing the settings (we talked about the importance of this intervention in this article ) going from version 4.4 to 8.8.

On March 10, the updated version of the theme was published during the early morning hours to minimize the risk of service interruptions and ensure a smooth transition to the new version of the site.



Once the theme was updated, the results were decidedly interesting , already from the next day you can see a surge in both daily revenue and the conversion rate which went from 2.45% to 4.71% in a very short time with peaks of 6%.( see image above )

This shows that even just an apparently simple and irrelevant intervention can completely change the trend of your online business .

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