Why is it important to update your Shopify theme and how to do it

Until recently, Shopify placed some major limitations on the implementation of one's ecommerce, which have been overcome with the launch of Online Store 2.0.

First, theme updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements, and security updates, which means that installing the latest updates will help keep the website secure and running properly. In addition to this, Shopify themes are continuously updated to provide new features and improve the user experience, which can help increase conversions and keep customers satisfied.

Shopify Store 2.0 is the new version of the popular e-commerce management system. It is a significant upgrade to the platform that offers a number of new features and tools to help online store owners improve the performance of their website.

Using themes that support this version of Shopify, it is possible to create a fully customized and flexible website without having to rely on a predefined page layout. The template editor has been further improved, thus allowing you to modify every aspect of your website.

Although Shopify Store 2.0 offers an advanced template editor that allows you to modify every aspect of the website, you may need the help of a developer to get the best possible results.

Shopify Experts like us can help create a custom theme for an e-commerce store that reflects the brand and meets customer needs. In addition, they can help integrate the new features of Shopify Store 2.0 improving the customer shopping experience and increasing conversions. But we have already discussed this in this article.

Although Shopify store 2.0 has many new features and improvements, its main benefit is that owners gain much more control and flexibility in modifying, customizing, and maintaining their store.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most impactful features and their benefits.

New Feature Benefits
Improved theme editor Simplified navigation and ability to make changes to the store
Sections available on all pages Infinite content possibilities. With the new management, sections can be used to create or customize each store page. In this way you can also create landing pages for targeted marketing campaigns. This will help increase sales and improve the user experience.
Massive update to Shopify Metafields Allows you to add details to individual products, collections, shop and others. For example, if you have an item with different characteristics or shipping times, you can easily add it through these new fields.
Improved product filtering system Product filtering is now natively integrated into Shopify, so load time has been reduced, which increases site speed and decreases store abandonment rates. Managing and using filters becomes much easier
Updated app extensions Creating, maintaining, troubleshooting and removing apps is much easier. It also improves the fluidity of the site
Improved site performance Faster loading times
New multilingual features added No external integrations are required, multilingual stores can be managed natively on Shopify through the official Translate & Adapt app


Rarely are you lucky enough to be able to update the theme yourself ( see image below ) through the theme editor and without losing any personalization of your e-commerce.

More often , however, the possibility of being able to update the theme is not granted ( see image below ) and unfortunately the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent services of - Section Everywhere - (Online Store 2.0) is lost with the risk of having to configure practically from scratch the theme you are using.


What to do to have the theme updated without having to do it all over again?

In these cases, Shopify Experts like us take care of it: through the code it is in fact possible to update the theme while keeping all the settings compatible with the new version.

What if the theme has no updates ("Vintage" theme)?

If the theme is no longer updated by the official developers, and is therefore considered a Vintage theme, it is still possible to make it compatible with the new Online Store 2.0 features through a series of modifications on the theme code; these changes will allow the use of the sections available in the Home page on all e-commerce pages.

Ultimately, relying on a team of Shopify experts can mean the difference between an average website and a successful tool that will help you achieve your business goals .


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