Velasca - Paespeed and CWV improvement

The speed of an e-commerce is of fundamental importance;For those who do not know the reasons why it is necessary to consider this aspect, we have collected in this article Some reasons.

In short, the speed score and the defined parameters Core Web Vitals from Google impact directly on theuser experience and indirectly on SEO and advertising costs.

To make the experience of more reactive, we actively collaborated with the programmers team internal to the customer in order to identify the opportunities for improvement and provide adequate solutions.

Pagespeed e Core Web vitals prima


The starting situation, analyzed with Lighthouse per Chrome Dev Tools  He showed a total score of 32 points out of 100 on mobile devices (G4 Moto Emulated Test | Slow 4G Connection).

Thanks to the collaboration established with the internal team, the activity has materialized overall in 3 days of development at the end of which we paid the customer a list of recommended interventions and examples of code operating to be perfected independently.

pagespeed shopify post


The final analysis, carried out in the same conditions as the initial one, following the implementation of the examples of code as well as provided, shows a improvement of the global score greater than 100% passing from 32 to 67 out of 100.

As for the other parameters, we summarize in the table below the differences keeping in mind that the least is the value of everyone, the better.

prima 2, Cc 11,5s 14.1S 21, SC 900ms 0
After 1, Cc 4, cut W, Cc 8, SC 110ms 0,017
improvement -41% -61% -55% -61% -80% -


Sebbene ci sia sicuramente ancora margine di improvement, abbiamo ritenuto insieme al cliente che i risultati fossero già soddisfacenti given the sophistication of technical solutions  whose e-commerce is equipped, referring to the future any further optimizations.