Why optimize the speed of your E-Commerce Shopphy

Nowadays, in everyday life, the speed is a factor that is constantly improved In order to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly used to having Immediate access to information and services.

Likewise, the speed of e-commerce loading cannot be neglected if you want to get the most out of a visitor.In fact, following multiple studies on websites, the result obtained by Skilled was the following:

- il 79% of non -satisfied customers are less enticed to retain loyalty
- il 64% of users expect a upper loading time of 4 seconds When they connect from the smartphone

- il 47% of the people who buy online expect a Lower loading time less than 2 seconds

What happens if an e-commerce is slow?

It is certainly easy to guess that a slow e-commerce causes problems in navigation. Therefore, a user interested in purchasing, could be slowed down by a platform not adequate to his threshold of attention and interest. 

Unfortunately, however, the problems are not limited to this:

- Google has announced that the speed of the site is a decisive factor for the SEO
- the Traffic sources (Facebook, Tiktok, Google etc.) have declared that the quality scores (also given by speed) and i Advertising costs they are related

How can you measure at speed of an e-commerce?

PageSpeed Insights
It is a Google tool that analyze e suggerisce tutte le modifiche da apportare al sito web per migliorare per performance da mobile e da desktop. Se hai un e-commerce e vuoi analyzerlo, puoi anche andare sul nostro tool Who.

What are some factors that negatively impact on the speed of an e-commerce shopphy?

- pop up not created and loaded adequately

- Caroselli with very heavy images

- Hero (higher section on the home page) with multiple images and videos

- harmful apps that do not integrate with the site or that leave traces of code even if uninstalled

- Videos uploaded without the right precautions

- Redirect and links not working

The speed optimization of a website is a continuous process that impacts drastically on performance e takes time e resource adequate To get the best results, it is not possible to solve problems with apps or simply by loading lighter images. We must rely on specialists to have the best results.


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