Why optimize the speed of your E-Commerce Shopphy

Today, in everyday life, speed is a factor that is constantly being improved in order to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly accustomed to having immediate access to information and services .

Likewise, e-commerce loading speed cannot be overlooked if you want to get the most out of a visitor. In fact, following multiple studies on websites, the result obtained by Skilled was the following:
- 79% of customers dissatisfied with speed are less inclined to build loyalty
- 64% of users expect a loading time of less than 4 seconds when connecting from their smartphone
- 47% of people who shop online expect a loading time of less than 2 seconds

What happens if an e-commerce is slow?
It is certainly easy to understand that slow e-commerce causes navigation problems. Therefore, a user interested in buying, could be held back by a platform that is not adequate to his threshold of attention and interest.
Unfortunately, however, the problems are not limited to this:
- Google announced that site speed is a determining factor for SEO
- The traffic sources (Facebook, TikTok, Google etc.) declared that the quality score (also given by the speed) and the advertising costs are correlated

How can you measure the speed of an e-commerce?
PageSpeed Insights
is a Google tool that analyzes and suggests all the changes to be made to the website to improve mobile and desktop performance.

What are some factors that negatively impact the speed of a Shopify ecommerce?
- Pop-ups not created and loaded properly
- Carousels with very heavy images
- Hero (top section on the home page) with more images and videos
- Malicious apps that do not integrate with the site or that leave traces of code even if uninstalled
- Videos uploaded without the right precautions
- Redirect and broken links

The optimization of the speed of a website is a continuous process that drastically impacts on performance and requires adequate time and resources to be able to obtain the best results, it is not possible to solve problems with apps or simply by uploading lighter images. You have to rely on specialists to get the best results .


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