Shopify One Page Checkout: How it works and how to get it

Shopify recently announced the massive Winter Update which includes numerous new features and improvements to offer an even more fluid and personalized shopping experience to its users.

One of the most awaited updates concerns the One Page Checkout: an innovative solution that simplifies and speeds up the purchase procedure.
The One Page Checkout is a completely redesigned shopping solution to offer a simple and immediate payment experience .

Three Page Checkout first

What changes from before?

The customer can complete the entire purchasing process in one page, without having to navigate through different sections or fill in repetitive fields. This makes checkout faster , more intuitive and easier to follow, reducing the risk of cart abandonment and improving the overall user experience.

How does Shopify One Page Checkout work?

The checkout fields are grouped into a single page that displays all the essential information needed to complete the purchase . The customer can enter their shipping information, select their preferred payment method , and confirm the purchase, all without having to leave the checkout page.

By customizing checkout options, merchants can tailor the shopping experience to their customers' needs and improve sales conversion .

One Page Checkout represents a major step forward in the evolution of e-commerce, enabling merchants to offer an even more seamless and personalized shopping experience to their customers.

Shopify has now become a forerunner of innovation , we talked about it in our dedicated article on the occasion of the release of Shopify Magic .

One Page Checkout after


With this solution, Shopify merchants will be able to increase the percentage of successful purchases by reducing the cart abandonment rate , improving the overall user experience and increasing customer loyalty .

In conclusion, the Shopify winter update represents an important step forward in creating an increasingly personalized and customer-oriented shopping experience.

One Page Checkout is just one of many new features Shopify has introduced to improve the shopping experience and give merchants the tools they need to achieve their sales goals . If you're a Shopify merchant, don't miss your chance to experiment with One Page Checkout and offer your customers an exceptional shopping experience .

How to get Shopify One Page Checkout?

The new checkout experience is already available for some selected merchants; although it is not clear when access will be extended to all merchants, it is already possible to get on the waiting list by entering the email address of your Shopify account at the bottom of This Page

How To Have One Page Checkout Shopify

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