E-commerce 101: How to launch your business online

The online selling By e-commerce exploded during the pandemic period and, although the growth has settled up to the reopening, many consumers not accustomed to technology have become familiar with this new purchasing methodology.

Together with the opportunities of expansion on multiple channels of already existing business, it is convenient to start New entrepreneurial activities based exclusively on the online:

  • sale of physical or Ofgital products of own production b2c of b2b
  • sale of physical or Ofgital products white label
  • Sale in dropshipping

Among all ways to successfully launch these types of activities, surely do it with a Owner e-commerce It means obtaining results in the short term and at low costs.

Once you guess the business model, i Products/Services to sell, identified any providers, the logistics and all the characteristics of the brand (name, positioning, logo, packaging etc.), the first step to follow is that of choosing the platform for the website: Our advice is to use ShopifyWho You can Ofscover why.

In a second phase, the creation of theuser interface e-commerce which, in adOftion to reflecting theidentity of the brand, must have as its main objective that of sell in a consistent way, find out more Who.

Together with the website, the creation of the social channels and gods content both organic and for paid campaigns.

Social networks and drawn up a eOftorial plan, you need to create interest in the new reality: per favorirlo, si può pensare Of far conOfvidere i content a famiglia e amici, contattare testate (locali e non) con comunicati stampa o testare influencer (micro e macro), in base al budget a Ofsposizione.

The first interactions can also be obtained with paid marketing campaigns, planning Offferent strategies based on the type of product/service, for example:

  • lancio Of campagne Of acWhosizionand gods clienti su social network e motori Of ricerca per stuOfare la reazione del mercato
  • launch of Lead Generation campaigns to contact the first interested ones and receive feedback to improve the site/offer/communication
  • Lamping of Lead Generation campaigns to obtain newsletter subscribers and implement a sales funnel with an ad hoc email sequence

You Ofscover Who come avoid Of Burn advertising budget.

Se hai seguito tutti questi passaggi correttamente e riesci a sell riuscendo almeno a recuperare i costi sostenuti, in questa fase dovresti avere un’attività imprenOftoriale creata da zero con tanto potenziale futuro!

Here is what your e-commerce must have to sell more

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