Hoculus Analytics V1

We made Hoculus Analytics, our owner management integrated with Shopify e BRT.

Here are his main features


The software is equipped with a dashboard di business intelligence & KPI designed specifically to enclose all the temporal metrics most important for an e-commerce:

  • Sessions (also in real time)
  • advertising expenditure on Google products, Meta (ex Facebook), Tiktok
  • revenue
  • Costs (products, shipments, taxes and fee on payments)
  • Return to investment (ROI)
  • quantity of products sold
  • delivery rate
  • payment methods 

Order management

Thanks to'Direct integration with the bees of Shopify and the Bartolini Corriere (BRT), through Hoculus Analytics it is possible:

  • Change orders data
  • Create ticket tickets
  • note contacts with the customer
  • Evue/cancel orders in bulk
  • communicate the shipments to the courier
  • monitor the state of delivery of orders

Also, with the Integrated management of warehouse resources, the stocks in stock are automatically updated even in the case of Shopify products that contain different SKUs (which is not currently possible on the Shopify internal warehouse).Hoculus Analytics V1

Tracking on-site

Through a universal script, one can create a dynamic page inside the online store that allows the final customer of view the tracking of his order.

Hoculus Analytics tracking

Currently hoculus analytics v1 and available for free For customers who rely on our logistics service.