Ricondizionati Per Te - Restyling e-commerce

Ricondizionati Per Te, a company specializing in the sale of refurbished iPhones, turned to Hoculus to improve the performance of their e-commerce and achieve revenue results.

Despite significant investments in e-commerce agencies and advertising campaigns, the client struggled to achieve satisfactory results in online sales.

The main challenge for Hoculus was clear: to increase the conversion rate and average cart value of Ricondizionati Per Te's e-commerce. To address this challenge, our team of experts took a comprehensive approach that yielded remarkable results.

Thorough Audit: The Foundation of Transformation

As a first step, we conducted a detailed audit that covered multiple key aspects, including:

Traffic and Purchase Behavior Analysis: We closely examined website traffic data and buyer behavior to identify improvement opportunities.

UI/UX Analysis: We evaluated the user experience and graphical interface to ensure an intuitive and engaging website.

Competitor Analysis: We analyzed the competition to identify strengths and weaknesses of Ricondizionati Per Te compared to other industry players.

Performance Analysis: We examined the website's performance, identifying any delays or technical issues.

SEO Analysis: We analyzed Ricondizionati Per Te's online presence on search engines.

Redesign: E-commerce Transformation

Following in-depth meetings with the client, we made the decision to completely revamp the e-commerce, starting from the foundation of the initial audit. The first step was changing the theme from Elessi to Impact. From there, our team developed a new structure that integrated the graphical, functional, and commercial aspects to effectively communicate the brand's values and the advantages of online purchasing, building trust and reliability.

Optimization for Maximum Performance

Once the new version of the e-commerce was completed, our developers worked on the code to optimize performance and core web vitals. Additionally, we made customizations at both the graphical and functional levels to meet the client's specific needs.

AB Testing and Marketing Campaigns

After the launch of the new site, we continuously conducted A/B analysis and testing to further optimize the user experience and page performance. Meanwhile, our marketing team initiated the planning and management of advertising campaigns on Google Ads to increase e-commerce revenue.

Results: Tangible Success

Here are the impressive results achieved after just 3 months of working with Ricondizionati Per Te:

Conversion Rate Increase: The conversion rate grew significantly, allowing the company to convert more visitors into satisfied buyers.

Average Cart Increase: The average cart value of transactions increased, contributing to significant revenue growth.

Before After Variation
Conversion Rate 0.05% 0.62% +1101%
Average Cart €212.17 €303.98 +43%

New Speed Metrics:

Hoculus - improvement in pagespeed and Core Web Vitals for Ricondizionati Per Te

Hoculus - improvement in pagespeed and Core Web Vitals for Ricondizionati Per Te

Homepage: Before and After

Hoculus - homepage restyling for Ricondizionati Per Te